~YOGA - an experiential science ~

Yoga is an experiential science – a practical, methodical and systematic discipline – that was originally designed to help people to become aware of their deepest nature. The roots of this ancient practice in its most pure form can be traced back to the East, where culture has not changed the science, and an ongoing, traditional form of yoga has been continued through to the present day.

The most important yoga teaching is about human nature that "goes far beyond the limits of the human mind and personality,". The process of yoga is an ascent into the purity of absolute perfection – the essential state of all human beings.

When you first start to practice yoga, you might probably struggle with a restless mind; which is completely normal. However, meditation requires a calm, serene mind that is free from negative emotions and distractions. Bodily posture (Asana) could be one way to bring that steadiness or to reduce restlessness of mind.

Those who have achieved the subtler levels of awareness about self, may demonstrate clarity of mind and the ability to consciously redirect thoughts towards their goal. It is then possible to get closer to a state of peace, harmony and contentment in everyday life.

Many people find that as they experience the art of yoga and meditation, they possibly experience deeper personal growth in both an emotional and spiritual way.

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