Stay motivated through your daily routine:

Simple Tips-

1. You can observe and write the changes in your body every day after the practice of Asanas. This will help you see the changes and also make you aware of minute and subtle parts of your body.

2. You can make a tracker and note down every time you felt disturbed by a strong emotion throughout the day. As days pass by, you will be able to notice the change in your behaviour, mental state and feelings.

3. Don’t be harsh with yourself if you miss a day or two, get back on the track without any negative feelings about self.

4. Start the changes one at a time, gradually increasing in quantity; remember ‘Slow and steady wins the race’

5. Keep your improvements to yourself and observe the joy of inner world without being too vocal about it with people around you.

6. Remember you goal for which you started the routine. You could also remember the old state of your life that you don’t want to remain in anymore. This will keep you motivated to go on.

7. And the most important one, have complete faith in yourself.

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1. Who can do Yoga?

Yoga may be practiced by everyone regardless of age, sex or physical abilities.

2. Is Yoga an exercise?

Yoga is not only an exercise, but exercise is one part of it. The other part relates to moral conduct, bio-energy sense control and meditation.

3. Can Yoga help me to control my anger?

The whole philosophy and practice of Yoga is geared to make one, less egoistic and thus less violent. If one can understand that anger is one letter short of danger, one then realizes that a great deal of harm can be caused to oneself and others.

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