A Century old...The Yoga Institute, Mumbai (proud to be an alumni)

I still remember my first day in this Augustus Institute, when I started my teachers training course 20 years back. I was very curious about this program and eager to learn and practice all the new teachings and technics which were waiting for me. I used to attend evening batch post my office hours. Our classes were all the weekdays and Satsang on every Sunday morning. We were approximately 50 of us in our batch and there were students from all the paths of life and of different ages. Hence our classes were full of thoughtful discussions and presentations. Dr. Jaydev, Hansaji, Mother Sitadevi, Mrs. Desai, Mr. and Mrs. Waghmare, Ms. Suchitra, Dr. Shetty, and many more special speakers, who all made our each class so interesting and enriched with full of information and practices. Group studies and Satsang presentation was the most challenging part of our program, but thanks to all these teachers who made it so easy to understand and enjoyable experience at the same time. I heard the term 'householders yoga' for the first time here in this institute and it taught me how to practice it in a day to day life. I make sure I visit the Institute each time, when I go to Mumbai. And I feel the same warmth and the welcoming atmosphere when I enter into the gate each time, in spite of so many ups and downs this institute has gone through. I bow TYI family for being a great role model.

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