Astigmatism and Yoga

Trataka (The Concentrated gaze): Trataka is a practice where the gaze is fixed on an object for some time and then that object is visualized clearly with the eyes closed, as an inner image at the eyebrow center. Trataka has several benefits, which would be helpful to everyone. It improves concentrative powers and mental resolve. Trataka is practiced by following: • Candle gazing • Sun (Surya) gazing • Moon (Chandra) gazing • Star (Tara) gazing • Planet (Graha) gazing.

Dynamic Trataka: Sit or stand near a window, comfortably erect and without leaning or taking support from anything. Stare into the distance at a faraway object for a few seconds and bring your focus to a nearby object. Then keep alternating the focus from far to near objects for a couple of time. Trataka and eye exercises can cure astigmatism.

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